Wednesday, May 11, 2011

LUG Story: And who do they think Ryan is?

Ryan is still at the Bennett estate, trying to take out the gang one by one. But he is mistaken for on of the gang. Or is he?
The poker game is taking an break and Kevin is getting some information on one of the other players.
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

LUG Story: The Diamond Heist continues

LUG Story: Ryan is
taking out the enemies one by one, as the poker players are starting to
lose one by one. Will Ryan be able to take out all the dread agents before getting caught? Will Kevin be able to stay in the poker game and discover who the dread contact is? 
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It's been another spread of time since our last post. This time our parents were moving, and things got dis-organized. They are starting to settle down. We will get back into finishing up "A Deck without Diamonds" and back started on the re-write of "A Flock of Squirrels." I have come up with some interesting story plots to have an over-arching theme. I'm looking forward to implementing that. Stay tune for updates.

As a side note, I have started a Game programming blog. You can check that out here: